About the Author

My name is M.C. Myers. I’m a freelance reviewer and editor, tutor, occasional musician, and chronic film lover. I used my B.A. in Literature as an opportunity to publish my first book, The Early Modern Space, as a research thesis. I can be reached at my email: mike@filmobjective.reviews. Kelly Young, the site designer, can be reached at hers: kelly@filmobjective.reviews

I’ll try my best to respond to queries both personal and professional, if I’m not currently watching Jaws, which happens more than you might think. My minute-by-minute commentary of that and other films appears on Quibs.com, a movie commentary catalogue still under construction. Additionally, I contribute regularly to Bright Lights Film Journal and originated the column, Watch It Again!

The first movie I ever saw was Gojira, the original Godzilla film. I did so from what may have been a highchair, and I distinctly remember taking great dispute with the ending and crying about it. I think I’ve been a critic ever since.


This site has no scoring or ranking system, no numbers, percentages, or stars of any kind. I try to present my opinions as honestly as possible and I can’t think of anything less honest than trying to quantify them. There is poetic badness that cannot be accurately scored against boring badness or average greatness. Each film stands objectively alone in their quality, even if the way we communicate with them intends to change. Film Objective is one person’s addition to that change. Thanks for reading.